The Queen of the Sciences, the Divine Revelation of our God and Savior,
Jesus Christ.


The best of all Catholic Philosophical traditions, West and East in the service of Her Mistress, Theology.


The life of the Church in its Marian mode is precisely as Mediatrix of graces.

The St. Bede Institute – Reclaiming and Proclaiming our Theological, Philosophical, and Liturgical Heritage.

Marriage: Vocation That Saves

A one-day conference on the importance of marriage in the economy of Salvation and its origin in the Mystery of Christ and His Bride, the Church, as well as the Holy Spirit and Mary.

Symposium 2024

The St. Bede Institute's First Annual Symposium will explore theological, philosophical, and liturgical contributions of the Pre-Reformation Insular Church up to and including St. Thomas More and William Byrd.

Nick Botkins on Liturgical Music – Decorate Time

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